Our sole purpose is to serve as your "prudent expert."
The retirement plan landscape is evolving rapidly. Employer sponsored retirement plans, and the 401(k) specifically, have become the primary source of retirement savings and income in America. The growing importance of these plans has created a heightened level of complexity and scrutiny that hasn't been seen since the original passage of ERISA. Effectively managing these plans doesn't have to be a daunting or over-whelming task. To help, many plan sponsors are seeking outside expert counsel in the on-going management of the plan. We can help.
A Partnership Steeped
in Process

We believe that the effective management of a retirement
plan should be a collaborative effort.

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Fiduciary Governance

We believe that the presence of a consistently applied fiduciary process is the key to successfully managing a plan's risk.

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Investment Consulting

Creating an effective menu of investments for an institutional retirement plan requires a different approach than what you might use in choosing funds for a personal portfolio.

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