Stable Two Financial's approach to retirement plan consulting is based on years of directly observing how plan sponsors of all sizes approach the many functions associated with sponsoring a retirement plan. That experience has made it clear to us that the vast majority of employers are taking their roles as fiduciaries very seriously, yet lack the time, resources, or expertise to fully meet all of their responsibilities. Even those who hire third parties to help oversee their plan often tend to focus largely on only one aspect, investments. While this is an important and highly visible component of plan performance, it is only one area where risk exists.

Our approach to risk and performance management is more holistic in nature and focuses attention on all forms of plan performance. As an independent firm, we are product agnostic and leverage years of experience to become an important extension of your human resources and finance departments. Together, we can ensure that all aspects of your retirement plan perform at the highest levels possible.

  Guiding Principles
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