We Help You Manage the Varied Risks Associated with Sponsoring a Plan

The risks associated with sponsoring a qualified retirement plan are many. Some are obvious like the performance of your investments, but others are harder to see. A successful and effective fiduciary process must take all aspects of the plan into consideration. We believe that the presence of a consistently applied fiduciary process is the key to successfully managing a plan's risk, and ultimately providing the plan's fiduciary's with greater peace of mind.

When you work with Stable Two, you can outsource much of the plan's on-going governance and oversight. Specific components of our fiduciary process include:
  • Fiduciary committee charter design and implementation
  • Committee meeting participation, facilitation, and documentation
  • Conduct committee fiduciary training
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) creation and adherence
  • Establishment of an investment architecture that aligns with the IPS and is matched to your employee demographics
  • On-going monitoring of investment performance
  • Maintenance and storage of all pertinent documents
  • Produce a year end summary of all fiduciary actions taken
  • Stable Two will acknowledge in writing our role as a fiduciary to the plan
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