Applying a Consistent Approach to Monitoring Investment Performance

Establishing the ideal fund line-up is a critical first step but we don't stop there. We apply a consistent approach to monitoring investment performance, revising the menu as necessary to help ensure that the investment menu remains effective, and that investment performance meets the plan's expectations.

Depending on your specific needs (typically quarterly), we will conduct a thorough review of the performance of all investments. The objectives established in the investment menu creation process will serve as the basis for our on-going analysis. It is important to note that no single attribute drives the on-going selection and retention process. Typical criteria analyzed in this process include:
  • performance relative to peers and benchmarks
  • risk profile including holdings and sector weightings
  • correlation between the investment options
  • style drift/consistency
  • expense ratio relative to peers
  • detailed performance attribution analysis
  • investment firm stability/developments, including manager tenure and staff turnover
  • participant behavior and fund utilization
While the level of data we analyze for each client is detailed, the level of reporting we provide to clients will vary based on their specific needs. We believe that no two plans are alike and as a result, the reporting format we provide must be tailored specifically for you.

Once the reporting is complete and delivered, we will work with you to:
  • Establish/maintain a "Watch List"
  • Recommend specific actions (including replacements)
  • Periodically analyze the current investment architecture and provide recommendations for appropriate revisions
  • Document all analysis and decisions and secure the materials off-site.
The end result of this process is an investment menu that consistently provides the best overall performance possible.

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