Improve Participant Outcomes and Appreciation for the Benefit

It is widely accepted that the typical working American isn't doing enough to adequately prepare for their retirement. Too few employees participate in their employer sponsored plan, those that do don't save enough, and many don't invest properly. Turning the tide on this state of retirement planning will require a combination of actions.

Specific areas where we can help improve participant outcomes include:
  • Evaluate and benchmark your plan design
  • Create an investment structure that is ideally suited to the specific needs and behaviors of your participants
  • Benchmark the communication and education services offered by your existing service provider
  • Conduct an analysis of current participant behavior and utilization of plan features
  • Create a formal education strategy
  • Measure the effectiveness of the various campaigns implemented and periodically refresh the strategy
  • Evaluate retirement income options to help your participants who are preparing for the "decumulation" phase of retirement planning
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