A Partnership Steeped in Process

We believe that the effective management of a retirement plan should be a collaborative effort between the plan sponsor, their service provider(s), and Stable Two. For our partnership to be successful, we need to fully understand the company's goals and objectives. This open dialogue, along with a thorough analysis of the performance of the plan, allows us to create solutions that will meet your specific needs and ultimately better prepare your employees for a more secure retirement.

Getting your plan on the right path and keeping it there

Our engagement with you begins with a detailed assessment of your plan's performance, the identification of priority areas of improvement, and the creation of a detailed project plan to effectively close these performance gaps. The thorough analysis done in year one is refreshed at least annually thereafter so that we can ensure that you establish and maintain a best in class retirement plan.

The high level components of the process include:
  • Assess your priorities and objectives
  • Collect virtually all documents related to your plan
  • Review all data to generate a broad view into the performance of the plan
  • Present the gap analysis to you and determine the priority action items
  • Monitor the implementation of the plan and measure its impact
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